Orchid Show 2017


The 72nd Santa Barbara International Orchid Show March 17-19, 2017

The Santa Barbara International Orchid Show is one of the largest and oldest orchid shows in the United States. Visitors delight in exuberant displays of blooming orchids, with exhibits designed to each year’s show theme. A step into the Exhibit Hall is a step into the lush colors and fragrances of exotic, beautiful orchids.

In addition to the lavish garden displays of orchids for which the Show is famous, floral arrangements and corsages feature orchid blooms on an intimate scale.

Non-professionals may enter floral arrangements.  Entries are judged according to the principles of the Western School of Flower Arrangers.


Entry Categories:

SHOW THEME:  “Orchid Mystique, a window to orchids” Create an orchid arrangement embellishing the glass base with subordinate materials;

cords, leaves, frames, sliced wood or rock, etc.

ORCHID SHADOWS: Create a light and dark orchid arrangement using one or two cylinders.

MYSTERIOUS REFLECTIONS: Use a bowl or low open container to create an orchid arrangement that shows water reflections.


2017 Novice Entries:

2017 Advanced Amateurs Entries:

Exhibition Display 2017 Orchid Show: